The Central Oregon Pain Guide is a resource compilation of the Pain Standards Task Force. This task force is a group of providers from organizations throughout Central Oregon that are working together to increase awareness of best practices for opioid prescribing and complex chronic or persistent non-cancer pain management within our community.

Our vision is working collaboratively to improve the health and well being of chronic or persistent non-cancer patients in Central Oregon.

Our Mission is to create a health care system that embodies compassionate, patient-centered, holistic, and evidence-based chronic or persistent non-cancer pain care.

Our Values are:




Best Practices

We will continue to build and grow this site to support providers and eventually patients and community members who are managing complex chronic or persistent non-cancer pain in Central Oregon.  

Please stand with us by signing the Endorsement Agreement to show your support.  For the background to this agreement and FAQs, please click HERE.

The Pain Standards Task Force is supported through the Central Oregon Health Council (COHC). The COHC and Central Oregon’s Coordinated Care Organization (CCO), PacificSource Community Solutions (PSCS), work together to transform health care in the region and use integrated and coordinated health care systems to improve health; increase quality, reliability, availability, and continuity of care; and reduce the cost of care.